Lancaster County Attractions

Sight & Sound Theater Lancaster County, Strasburg PA
Sight & Sound Theater, Strasburg

Whether you love history, culture, shopping, farm fresh produce, antiquing, biking the amish countryside or anything in between, you’ll find it here in Lancaster County. With so many options and personal favorites, it would be difficult to list them all. The Olde Oregon Farmhouse is conveniently located close to so many of these great experiences, including three covered bridges within a couple of miles. Here are a few helpful websites to help you choose some memorable things to do and see in Lancaster County. is an awesome site of local hidden gems. The Roth family has diligently searched all the back roads to find and categorize all of the best of the local family owned businesses and places of interest in Lancaster County. They are out everyday meeting those owners and posting photos of their daily finds around the county. Check out their Facebook page for more of their discoveries. is a great source for historical destinations, museums, rural farm heritage, historical homes and more. offers an extensive listing of the more well known destinations in Lancaster County. In addition to the usual categories, the site also breaks down seasons and regions in the area.

The rich heritage, countryside and local culture is sure to offer something for everyone. The Olde Oregon Farmhouse wishes you a fantastic and memorable trip to Lancaster County.